For Discharge Planners

Your role is key in assisting patients to recover well at home. No one wants to slide backward and have to come back to the hospital.

Family caregivers are key
Studies indicate that re-admissions go down by as much as 25% if family caregivers are actively engaged in the discharge process. It makes sense. The patient is often frail and may even be in pain or on heavy medications. Family members are the ones who effectively implement the discharge plans.

Use our resources
This website is full of information to help you as you teach patients and families how to optimize their health at home. Check out these articles and by all means feel free to print them out. This is our way of saying thank you for all that you do to support good health in our community!

High re-admit diagnoses
These articles offer valuable tips for catching a problem before it escalates to a trip to the ER.

Managing care at home